Improving brand results by helping others

With give4me, customers are transformed into networks of social champions for both brand and charity​.


Building a network of champions has never been more critical

Brands, Charities and Customers are looking for new, authentic ways to connect as we navigate uncharted territory.

Great brands are dealing
with historic declines

Customers face a devastating
“new normal”

Many charities are fighting
to keep the lights on

give4me has built a bridge between Brands, Charities and Customers

A breakthrough three-way transaction that…

1. Builds revenue for businesses and brands
2. Asks consumers to choose charities they love
3. Gives charities a new source of funds

What we do

We build your network of champions

• Earmark marketing spend to build your new network
• Ask purchaser to choose charities they love
• Announce purchaser decisions to their peer network
• Get charity affirmation across the network
• Collect comprehensive data throughout the process

How we help everyone to give and everyone to get…

Hover over the Brands, Customers and Charities segments in the circle above to see what each party gives to and gets from the network of champions.

About the company

give4me, LLC, a St. Louis-based company, helps its clients attract new customers by encouraging those customers to re-direct dollars that would have been allocated for traditional marketing to charities of the customer’s choosing.Through a unique platform, give4me asks customers to announce their choices on social media to effect the donation, thereby helping clients improve business results by helping others.

give4me, LLC, created the software and provides a custom-designed online portal to ensure success. A year of effective market testing with its first clients has demonstrated increased business and giving at favorable marketing cost – a compelling win for the economy and society.

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