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Our Team


Benjamin Bush | CEO & Founder

give4me, a philanthropic platform that puts the power of giving into consumer’s hands, grew out of Ben’s passion for philanthropy and desire to democratize giving. Ben has a background in Forensic Financial and Risk Analysis.  He invested in and co-developed Integrated Analytics, Inc., a real-time trading system with integrated data feeds and artificial intelligence. The company was sold to Jefferies.  He was an early-stage investor and consultant to Peregrine Systems, an enterprise software company that sold enterprise asset management, change management, and ITIL-based IT service management solutions.  A graduate of the University of Virginia, Ben studied Biology and Business at the Darden Business School.



Charles Schott | Chief Innovation & Growth Officer

Experienced senior executive, management consultant and US government official, who has held senior positions in both the public and private sectors, with companies such as the Hearst Corporation, McKinsey & Company, Paradigm Partners and Intellectual Ventures.  He served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Treasury and as Chief of Staff at the FCC. Charles began his career as an attorney in New York and Washington, DC with Dewey Ballantine.  He received both a B.A. and an M.B.A. from Stanford University, and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.



Robert ‘Bobby’ Toda | Head of Sales & Marketing

Appointed Head of Sales & Marketing. Bobby was Sales & Marketing VP at CAS Technology International and worked as a development engineer for HP and Apple. Bobby launched several new leading edge products and innovative sales solutions working for several high tech firms including Seagate, Sony, and Laserbyte (a Hyundai company.) At Conner Peripheral, a hard drive company, he grew Asia sales from zero to $438M in 3½ years. He received his BS/MS in Product Design at Stanford and a MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He is an active volunteer with his local BSA council and is on their Executive Board and has volunteered with Stanford ACT.


Mason Blacher | Senior Advisor

Founder and head of Mason Jay Blacher & Associates, advisors to charitable organizations, has been appointed a Senior Advisor to the company.  Mason will advise on charitable matters and institutions.  His Seattle-based firm has served colleges and universities, independent schools, hospitals and medical research institutions, among others.  He previously managed the full range of individual giving programs for Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.  He has a B.A. in classics and an M.A. in higher education administration from Stanford University.


JD Young | SVP, Sales & Marketing

J.D. is Senior Vice President focused on business development. His main background is as a successful international executive operating at the C-Suite level in four U.S. based enterprises over thirty+ years. Roles included successful positions that combine government and business, such as the President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness, which JD directed. He has improved businesses in expansive, new competitive environments both as Chief Marketing Officer and as President. While J.D. has been in the C-Suite he also put a high priority on charitable work that included being a co-founder of Doctors Without Borders in Brazil, a supporter of the same effort in East Asia. In the U.S. his latest major endeavor includes development of large volume multi-family Affordable Economic Rental Housing plans for 15 cities. He developed private funding to provide superior speed-to-completion advantages over government funding. J.D. is looking forward to helping position give4me as a leading factor and company in building a Network of Champions for the company’s clients.



Ron Traficante | SVP, Sales & Marketing

Serves as an Advisor to the company in the areas of business development and intellectual property within the operations team.  He is currently Vice President of intellectual property products at ResoluteAI, and was previously a senior director at Intellectual Ventures (IV), where he closed complex patent licensing deals. Prior to IV, Ron worked as an engineer in wireless technologies, including early deployments of 2G and satellite CDMA systems at Qualcomm. Ron has an extensive background in engineering, product development, business development, and licensing.   He has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California, San Diego, and is currently pursuing a J.D. degree.


Peter Harter | Senior Advisor

Founder of The Farrington Group and Co-Founder of Markup, Peter is a Senior Advisor specializing in strategic projects and regulation. He brings 25+ years of experience bridging the ecosystems of technology, business, law, and politics by providing advice to management, boards, and investors on legislation, regulation, court cases, media, standards, treaties, political campaigns, capital, property, and labor. His career began in 1993 as an Internet lawyer. He broadened in Silicon Valley as head of global government affairs for Netscape and EMusic.com and in business development and sales for Securify. Subsequently, he deepened his experience in policy in Washington, DC, lobbying for Intellectual Ventures. He resides near Salem, Oregon on a farm, helping his wife grow grapes and make wine.