The UV Angel team has a singular focus: make the world a cleaner and safer place for everybody. We use years of advanced research and the latest developments in ultraviolet light technology to reduce harmful pathogens on the surfaces we touch and in the air we breathe.

Next-Generation Pathogen Control for Schools, School Districts, Colleges & Universities

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and universities like yours are looking for the most effective ways to bring back in-person learning. You need to create a learning environment where students can concentrate, and where everyone —  including teachers and staff — feel safe. You need clinically-proven source-level pathogen control technology.

UV Angel products deliver quiet, effective pathogen control at the source level. People — your students and staff — are the greatest source of pathogens. Our patented technology brings clinically proven, patented ultraviolet light technology safely and directly into the spaces where the most pathogens are generated — your classrooms, break rooms, lunchrooms, athletic facilities, and more. UV Angel has the technology and the software to support your university or school as you work to provide safer in-person learning.

Air Series

In the arsenal of infection prevention, ultraviolet lights are used throughout health care and other environments to neutralize microorganisms on surfaces, in water and in the air.

Designed directly into a traditional ceiling light fixture, UV Angel Clean Air is an unobtrusive environmental treatment system that uses ultraviolet light to automatically and continually treat the air.

Surface Series

Treating without Interrupting Your Workflow

Frequently touched surfaces are being interacted with faster than they can be wiped down. Using an intelligent, automated ultraviolet light treatment platform, UV Angel can add an extra layer of safety by neutralizing potential threats.

Continuous Monitoring

UV Angel Adapt will monitor frequently touched surfaces or devices, breaking down the bacteria at the cellular level and neutralizing it with greater than 99% effectiveness.

Disruption-Free Workflow

The UV Angel Adapt can target and treat surfaces hundreds of times a day, providing 24/7 disruption-free workflow.

Added Protection

Working in tandem with existing infection prevention strategies, UV Angel Adapt helps you more effectively protect patients, caregivers, and families from harmful bacteria.

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